Every day, we are bombarded with an unreal amount of stimuli. I want - or more accurately, need - a place to distill all the thoughts bouncing around my head.

I think deep, I think scattered, I sometimes think too much. Most of the time, when I think, I wish I could share the results with anyone who would be interested.

I rarely trace my thoughts backwards to figure out where they came from, and when I do the origin is far removed from the conclusion - so I will apologize in advance if it seems difficult to "keep up" with the process here!

Why distilled? I love the complexity of the word distilled. It doesn't just mean 'purified', it doesn't only convey 'simplification', it encompasses a great deal of various processes. In the distillation of water, the water is left more pure. In the distillation of alcohol, the potency is increased. Air can be distilled, crude oil is distilled, and now - here at - thoughts and ideas are sifted, sorted and broken down.

User input is strongly encouraged! Please jump in and help distill the topics brought up here. My intent is to stir the pot in order to see what sediment/sentiment (s) abound, remove anything counterproductive and see what is left over.

Differing opinions are welcome! Trolling, bullying, etc is not. Civil discourse wins the day. No topic is off limits. When the need arises, certain topics may be labeled 'adult' and placed in a restricted area.

Post general questions|comments|topics here and feed the already generated topics on their respective posts.

Thanks and welcome to di·stilled!

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